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.Our Story

The MENEGOLLI GIOVANNI¬† Company, founded in 1957 and located in one of the world’s most traditionally important marble and granite-processing zones, enjoys more than six decades of experience working with granite.

A growing market has led this Company to further develop its expertise in this fascinating sector. Today the MENEGOLLI GIOVANNI Company can offer a complete variety of products in a vast range of materials, supplying slabs, flooring, special work-pieces and modul-granite.


.Our Services

We are able to supply both semi-finished products for companies in the sector and finished products for construction companies as well as particular and tailor-made products for the private customer. We supply everything that can be made starting from natural and reconstructed stones: floor slabs, strips, interior and exterior cladding, kitchen and bathroom countertops, stair and table cladding. We work with many materials, including granite, marble and natural stones.


which have special needs and are generally looking for someone who is able to transform an idea into a finished product.

Construction Companies

which need high precision in standard machining and particular attention to the price too.

Stone Companies

which we can supply stone’s works from semi-finished product (such as slabs and strips) to finished products (such as floors) with any surface processing.

.Our Process

Our company selects the materials with the highest quality criteria directly in the extraction areas.

When the stone is extracted, we cut and process it through different procedures that able us to offer high quality slabs in different finishes such as smoothed, polished, brushed and flamed.

In the final process slabs are cut and processed according to the customer’s needs, we can create finished products such as flooring, tops and coverings.

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